Louie the Lift, At Your Service

Westwind Marine has a 35 ton travel lift capable of hauling boats up to 65 feet long with a maximum beam of 16.5′. Our Travel-Lift operates Tuesday – Saturday during business hours and tide permitting. We offer three different services with our Travel-Lift: One-Way (to or from trailer), Rount-Trip (out and back-in, or in and back-out), OR a “Lunch-time Hang” (discounted lift and wash, with a DIY anode change while our guys take lunch).

A link to our Haul-out pricing will be here shortly.

Our boatyard has 23 outdoor spaces, 2 covered spaces and 2 indoor spaces allowing us to work on boats year around, and we allow owners to do their own work on their boats with a signed boatyard agreement. (online form coming soon) We cannot currently allow power sanding by anyone but certified Westwind technicians, but we will be working to change that policy in the future. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation with our boatyard agreement, as these practices allow us to maintain our boatyard permit keeping our yard open to you as you work.

***DIY boat work should be limited to daylight hours.***

Below is a copy of our boatyard rules. Please feel free to print and sign it ahead of time.